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Coffee News is the world’s largest restaurant publication that features the week’s  funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more. Created in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the paper has expanded into 10 Countries around the World. Look for your copy at select Restaurants, Coffee Shops and places where people wait. While your reading your Coffee News, don’t forget to look for the Coffee News Guy!

Who is this Coffee News Guy?
He doesn’t have a name—he’s just the Coffee News Guy—but you know him. His cheerful, waving self is in the front of the crowd at the top of every edition of every Coffee News, no matter the city, country, or language. He looks good in tan. He’s usually hidden somewhere else in the paper, and if you find him, you might win a prize pack from your local publisher. The cartoon version of the Coffee News Guy represents what Coffee News always has been about: he’s cheerful, he’s friendly, he’s funny.

He offers a break from a busy lifestyle and negative news, giving readers the brief distraction of interesting tidbits, quotes, jokes, and uplifting predictions about their own lives. The Coffee News Guy knows all this. That’s why he’s smiling and waving. Welcome to the family. Enjoy.




Dear Walter, Sam and all at your office.

“Just a quick note to let you know that we have just completed another very successful and rewarding season of song. Our non-profit group is now 113 years old. On behalf of our director, accompanist, and all of my fellow choristers,   we applaud your efforts and truly appreciate the help that you have provided us this past season with our advertising. I will meet with our choir board tomorrow, and present my suggestions that we go with you again for upcoming concerts. I really appreciated the fact that you also added our gig to the What’s Happening column.

Have a great summer, y’all ! Sincerely,”

Bob Morgan, Publicity Coordinator, St. David's Welsh Male Voice Choir